Mission statement

"To provide a system which will help to improve the lives of equines young and old, to improve the welfare of all equines in what ever discipline or work they are engaged in across the globe".

Company Profile

Equidiet (UK) Ltd was formed in 2014 by company director Sandra Murphy BSc (Hons) Equine Sports Science, after the launch of EquidGel® at the BETA International Trade Fair in February 2014, to support the growth of EquidGel and its range of products.

The company prides itself on using only the best and the highest quality ingredients such as Alfalfa, which is grown locally, is fully traceable and FEMAS registered.

The company has seen a sharp rise in sales due to increasing domestic sales and our active export strategy which has seen our products being used across the UK and exported out to 5 countries.

Equidiet (UK) Ltd was a finalist in the 2016 Made in Lincolnshire Awards which celebrates the hard work and dedication of local Lincolnshire businesses and also nominated for the International ‘Best Product’ Category at the PetQuip Awards 2016.   We are also a member of the Pet Services Association a Division of the Pet Industry Federation.

Product Profile

EquidGel® is an animal feed formulation that provides a simultaneous nutrition and hydration delivery system to equines or any other animal in the form of a natural, fibre based liquid feed.

EquidGel’s growing popularity as a feed within all equine disciplines, is now also proving to be beneficial in the clinical environment. It is being used extensively as a nutritional management system for horses requiring emergency nutritional support in equine hospitals nationwide and overseas.

We launched our new product called LamiGelTM at BETA in 2015, where it generated a superb response. It is now being used nationwide to provide excellent quality nutrition to horses requiring dietary support.

In 2016 we formulated our newest product called EquidGel Tube-Able which has been formulated specifically veterinary surgeons as an emergency enteral feeding system for administration via naso-gastric tube. Because of its liquid suspension, it flows easily through most sizes of feeding tube by gravity flow. It also is a very useful solution for bottle feeding or syringing.

We will also be launching our newest product called EnduroGelTM after it has undergone stringent testing and intensive product trials.

Inventor Profile

Sandra Murphy graduated from University of Lincoln with a 2:1 BSc (Hons) Equine Sports Science Degree and is currently the Senior Nutritionist at Equidiet (UK) Ltd. She started riding at 7 years old and has owned, trained and bred horses for 40 years.   Sandra represented the Royal Air Force in Showjumping, Dressage and Eventing and was one of the founder members of the Joint Services Equitation Centre in Middlesex.

She vowed she would find a solution to a situation she found herself in 27 years ago, when her horse suffered severe dehydration after a day hunting.   Sandra said there was nothing around at the time that I could give him, apart from a bran mash, however it was difficult to administer as he would not drink or eat anything, so the vet had to nasogastric tube him and put him on a drip, which was very distressing for the horse and for me.

After years of trials she finally found the answer. In 2014, Sandra found a natural way encouraging voluntary uptake of fluid to increase the hydration in the hindgut, therefore it is possible to:

"Lead a horse to water and you CAN make it drink"

EquidGel© the perfect solution.

Sponsored Riders

Ocky Walters and Peter Pony

Senior British Eventer and Team Chaser

Emily Cooke and Lady's Man

EGB Young Rider and EGB Supreme Champion 2017

Julie Payne pictured with Athene

British Para Dressage Rider and European Gold Medalist

Isabella Jones and Boomer

British Eventer and BRC Team Showjumping Champions 2018

Tracey Sawyer and Miracle

FEI Endurance Rider and England Squad 2017


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