Specialised Benefits

Benefits for Showjumpers

Showjumping can be a long day, especially in the summer when there is a lot of standing around in high temperatures.

EquidGel can support your horse’s hydration needs before, during and after shows.   EquidGel is highly palatable; therefore fluid can be given whenever necessary keeping your horse hydrated especially during transportation to events whether it is within the UK or abroad.

The high fibre, low sugar formulation provides non heating, slow release energy for the journey and for waiting around, but when your horse is required to jump, the high quality Omega 3 Oil helps to spare glycogen allowing your horse to perform the explosive muscle movements required for jumping, so you can be confident your horse is getting exactly what it needs when it needs it throughout the day for optimum performance.

Benefits for Dressage Horses

To get ahead in the Dressage arena, horses are being asked to perform more intricate, elastic and powerful manoeuvres, they are like ballerinas who have to be strong, flexible and elegant.

This takes incredible amounts of energy and stamina.   The hours of training involved requires good quality slow release energy with enough stores of glycogen within the muscles to produce the power for more substantial movements.

EquidGel provides your horse with high levels of hydration and good quality Fibre and Omega 3 Oil for energy as well as the essential vitamins and minerals for optimum performance.

Endurance Benefits

Endurance riders know the benefits of fibre and water to sustain their horses over long distances.   EquidGel has been designed to give riders access to a more natural method of keeping their horses hydrated by providing a constant flow of water and nutrition.

EquidGel comes in the form of a nutritious thirst quenching drink and because of the horse’s natural instinct to forage, the horse will usually take EquidGel over plain water or flavoured water allowing the owner to administer not only water on demand but valuable nutrients and natural electrolytes.

EquidGel can be used to pre-hydrate, so that your horse is carrying adequate fluid within his hindgut prior to the race; it can also be used at crew points and as a recovery feed after the event.

This flexible feed is set to revolutionise equine nutrition as it’s the only feed that increases the volume of the gastrointestinal fluid reservoir sufficiently to help reduce the effects of dehydration.

Benefits for Leisure Riding

The majority of people who own horses in the UK are leisure riders, who may enjoy hacking out, travelling to and competing at local and national events.

These horses are owned by people who want good value for money whilst keeping their horses in a fit and healthy condition. Keeping horses can be costly; however EquidGel has been designed with this in mind. A feed to be fed alongside forage which is economical and easy to use.   It contains vitamins and minerals necessary for good health, with its high quality fibre and high energy Omega3 Oil EquidGel provides good non heating slow release energy for optimum performance.

What makes EquidGel different from all the rest? It is the only feed that encourages voluntary fluid intake, so the Old English Proverb ” You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink” is not necessarily true, with EquidGel you most certainly can make it drink with every meal!

Benefits for Eventers

During the dressage test your horse has to be focused and calm, and it has to use slower release energy to perform the intricate movements necessary to score highly.   EquidGel uses good quality energy from VFA’s (Volatile Fatty Acids) produced by fibre in the hindgut rather than instant energy from carbohydrates which can cause excitable behaviour, coupled with good hydration, your horse will be able to utilise this nutrition for a calm performance.

In the Showjumping phase the horse muscles are required to perform explosive movements, therefore the horse uses its stores of muscle glycogen to create the energy, the horse utilises the high quality Omega-3 oil first that produces a glycogen sparing effect which allows the horse to use its stores of glycogen only when it needs to.

Pre hydrating with EquidGel before the cross country phase will ensure that your horse has adequate hydration and essential electrolytes to enhance performance during this demanding element.

With all cells hydrated, performance can be optimised as the horse draws upon the reservoir in the hindgut to replenish its fluid losses in sweat.