Here is my 5 year old cob Jack before and after. The first photo is him just before he arrived with me (without EquidGel) and the second photo is him after being on EquidGel for a year. He has been fed only EquidGel and forage for 2 years now and I wouldn't ever change it.

His condition is amazing, his coat/skin/hooves are amazing (he is barefoot

Charlotte Bell
Leisure Rider
12th June 2019

Having recently switched to EquidGel for both my horses I can see a huge difference already. My big horse that I do endurance with definitely benefits from a hydration point of view as I notice he drinks less water at the ride but passes vetting with gold stars with the best times ever! He is fed it on the morning of the ride, through the day and at night. My two year old also loves it, both look well and their coats are gleaming also. My youngster is growing well on it and my farrier even commented on the great growth on their hooves.

They like it alone or with Alfalfa chop to make a great chewy meal.

Emma Lang
Endurance Rider
12th June 2019

Two years ago, my 27 year old pony Rodney was struck by the dreaded laminitis -he was in work, on restricted grazing and wasn’t overweight, but his blood sugars had become too high. He had X-rays and was put on painkillers and medication for his blood sugars by our vet. His poor dentition meant that he couldn’t eat hay, so I spoke to many different food companies to find a hay replacement that we could give him, he ended up on a brand of fibre cubes but his condition continued to deteriorate and we were running out of options.

Someone recommended that I gave Equidiet a call and knowing how close we were to making the awful decision to put him to sleep I did.

Sandra came straight out the next morning and put him on LamiGel diet, within a week we could see improvements. Sandra went above and beyond to help me with Rodney and little by little, he got better - so much so, that my 3 year old daughter was able to ride him again by the autumn and the following spring they were doing pony club rallies and shows - winning lead rein jumping competitions! 2 years on, at 29 years, old he is still a happy healthy pony and without LamiGel, he would definitely not be with us today and I will be forever grateful for the help we were given.

Rachael James
Leisure Rider
12th June 2019

After EquidGel had been recommended to me by a friend, I started Merlin using it at shows to make him drink, as he would never drink away from home but seeing the change in his performance when using it, I decided to change his daily feed to EquidGel and EquidGrass.

The improvement in his condition and energy levels (focused not fizz) is amazing

Natalie Smith
Leisure Rider
12th June 2019

My EquidGel Journey began when I brought my new very sweet natured, but very nervous (nearly three year old) gypsy cob; after being recommended EquidGel, I tried him and he loved it so I fed him EquidGel from that day on. At first I didn't really understand how it works.

My 'eureka moment' when it all made perfect sense to me, was after I attended an information evening explaining all about it - Wow, what a difference I've seen in the last 9 months, within 2 weeks I could see his coat was becoming more shiny

Joanna Sidebottom
TREC Competitor
12th June 2019

My forever horse Lady has been on EquidGel for over 5 years now! We compete in British Dressage and have progressed rapidly through from prelim to medium level gaining our first BD points. She's barefoot and her feet are strong. The dentist remarked on his latest visit how good her teeth are. She switches up a gear when asked, without getting fizzing.

EquidGel is the best feed that I can feed my girl on; her condition is amazing with fantastic topline, a shiny coat and strong hooves.

Emma Colson
British Dressage Rider
12th June 2019