International Sales

Delivering Hydration and Nutrition on Demand

The market leaders in Equine Nutritional Hydrotherapy products.
Our patented products contain 100% natural ingredients, no GMO’s, chemicals, additives or suppliments.

Equidiet (UK) Ltd is the only feed company who can safely and effectively balance a horse’s body fluids, using 100% natural, whole food fibre nutrition. Balancing body fluids is essential for all bodily functions, performance, health and wellbeing.

We are passionate to help benefit the lives of your horses and ponies, whether they are performance animals, expensive lawnmowers or ‘poorly’ in the clinical situation. Our expertise ensures that you can provide the best hydration and nutrition for your horse in every situation.

Equidiet UK (Ltd) prides itself on using only the best and the highest quality ingredients; such as our Alfalfa, which is grown locally, is fully traceable and FEMAS registered.

All of our products are GMO free, fully traceable clean and pure. They are not sprayed with any mould inhibitors, molasses, oils or Genetically Modified substances or additives. All ingredients are fully traceable and registered with the relevant feed assurance scheme.