LamiChop is available in 12.5kg bags and is a oat straw complementary feedstuff which can be fed on its own or added to reconstituted LamiGel© and EquidGel© to provide a hydrating ‘Chewy’ feed.



LamiChop© is a high fibre, low energy, low calorie, complementary foodstuff which provides nutritious slow release, non-heating nutrition.
LamiChop is excellent quality, dust extracted 100% Oat Straw, low protein and calcium with a good source of vitamins and minerals, suitable as a bulk feed for most horses and ponies.

Nutritional Analysis g/100g
Product Crude Protein Oil and Fats Crude Fibre Ash NDF Sodium Sugar
LamiChop 3.6 1.5 39.8 7.4 76.0 0.2 <1


Weight 12.5 kg


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