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The market leaders in Equine Nutritional Hydrotherapy products.
Our patented products contain 100% natural ingredients, no GMO’s, chemicals, additives or suppliments.

Why Our Feeds Work

 As Industry Leaders in Equine Nutritional Hydrotherapy, we offer a unique approach by following the principles of simple Equine Nutrition.

How to Make Feeds

See out guides on how to prepare our feeds including instructional videos to help ensure your horse gets the perfect feed. 

Feed Finder

Answer  questions about your horse, and we’ll give you some suggestions as to which feed is likely to be best.

Tailored Nutrition

Equine Nutritional Hydrotherapy Service

The ENH course is specifically tailored to you and your horse and is designed to not only assist in the health and wellbeing of your horse, but to also give you the tools to navigate the minefield of Equine Nutrition.