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What is EquidGel®?

EquidGel®, the revolutionary hydration and nutrition system for horses.

EquidGel® is unique in that it is taken in the form of a highly nutritious palatable drink which appeals to the horses very strong natural instinct to forage and therefore making it the only complete feed that nourishes and hydrates at the same time. EquidGel® is specifically designed as a complete fibre based daily ration, however it is also an excellent form of nutrition for the ulcer prone or horses prone to Laminitis.

Why is EquidGel® different?

EquidGel® is NOT a thirst quencher, it is a completely natural, nutritionally balanced, highly palatable liquid feed. Because of its unique water holding properties, it encourages voluntary uptake of large amounts of water based on the horses natural instinct to forage rather than its thirst response making it different to any other product on the market.

EquidGel is the only feed that can be used to replenish hydration when it is required, quickly, voluntarily and non invasively.

So…the Old English Proverb* “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink” is not necessarily true, with EquidGel® you most certainly can make it drink with every meal!

Why horses love EquidGel®?

Because EquidGel® is made from highly nutritious Alfalfa, it appeals to the horses natural, very powerful instinct to forage which can override the horse’s thirst response, therefore if there is a choice between food or water, the horse will more often than not choose the food.

This is because thirst is a regulatory response to fluctuations in electrolyte concentrations which may or may not switch on the thirst mechanism and therefore a horse may not drink when it should do.

However because EquidGel® is a feed in the form of a drink, we are ‘tricking’ the horse into drinking to get to its feed, therefore allowing increased water intake.

What's in EquidGel®?

EquidGel® contains only natural ingredients, the main one being high quality Alfalfa (85%), which provides the horse with good quality fibre based nutrition and with increased hydration, all of the gastrointestinal tract works more efficiently and therefore absorption of nutrients is more effective.

The active ingredient provides high quality Omega 3 oil and contains all the essential vitamins and minerals essential for good health and vitality, without the spikes in blood sugars associated with carbohydrate feeds.

There are absolutely NO Additives or chemicals in EquidGel®, so you can be confident that your horse is getting only the best nutrition and hydration available.