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Equine Nutritional Hydrotherapy Service

The market leaders in Equine Nutritional Hydrotherapy products.
Our patented products contain 100% natural ingredients, no GMO’s, chemicals, additives or suppliments.

The ENH course is specifically tailored to you and your horse and is designed to not only assist in the health and wellbeing of your horse, but to also give you the tools to navigate the minefield of Equine Nutrition so that you are then able to make informed decisions as to the nutritional management of your equines now and in the future.
Your initial assessment will enable our Nutritional Hydrotherapist to gather the information required to carry out the assessment, therefore you need to have ready the following information:

1) Your horses height and weight and breed
2) Photographs of your horses from the nearside and from behind, making sure he/she/ is stood against a plain background and the whole horse is in the frame.
3) Current feed information (Please retain the feed sack/s for inspection).
4) Any Supplements the horse is being given (Please retain the packaging for inspection)
5) Any medical condition/diagnosis that the horse may have and any documentation from the Vets.
6) Any medication your horse is currently taking or has taken in the past (to the best of your knowledge).
7) Any Past history of problems or conditions

This information is required to make a complete assessment, if you do not have this information, then the assessment may be delayed,
You will be sent and invoice or the initial assessment of £90 +VAT which should be paid prior to the initial assessment.
During the assessment, this is your opportunity to tell the ENH Therapist all the information you can about the horses so that a detailed report can be produced and an individual Ration Plan can be formulated specifically for the condition your horse has presented with.
You will then receive a date for your course to commence and a Zoom invitation to discuss your Ration Plan and your Equine Hydrotherapy Course.
A further Invoice will be sent to you for the remainder of the fee which is £450.00 + VAT which is payable prior to providing your ENH Report and your Individual Ration Plan.
You will then be sent a starter pack of the individual ration which is usually a months supply so that you can get started immediately, then you will be given a ‘Gold Member’ discount code for you to purchase your subsequent ration online. However there are other options (Contact the helpline for more details 01472 859593).
You will then have a number of scheduled meetings to review the ration, check progress and to deliver the ENH Course to you.
At the 3 month stage we then take more photographs and then review the ration if necessary and then at the 6 month stage if you and your veterinary surgeon are happy with your horses condition then you will be signed off. You will also have finished your ENH Course and will then have to tools to maintain your horses in a healthy, happy, hydrated condition now and in the future, reducing feed and veterinary bills and as a ‘Gold Member’ you will continue to receive a discount on your feed for life!


1. All products offered for sale by Equidiet (UK) Ltd are natural feeds, forages and non GMO oils and are NOT veterinary medicines. All products are only to be used as nutritional feedstuffs and therefore Equidiet (UK) Ltd shall not be held liable for any damage caused to any animal by any product being used to treat a medical/veterinary condition even if recommended by a veterinary surgeon.

2. We are happy to provide nutritional advice for your horse but you should always consult your veterinary surgeon if you have concerns about your animal’s health. If you have particular technical questions, our Senior Nutritionist will be more than happy to consult with your veterinary surgeon.

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