EquidGel® is available in 10kg bags and is to be used as a daily feed, suitable for all types of horses in light to heavy work.




EquidGel® is an 85% fibre-based, 100% natural equine feed system delivering both hydration and nutrition on demand. High fibre, low sugar and starch with no additives, chemicals NIS or GMO’s.

The high level of Omega-3 oil provides slow-release energy, helps to support the cardiovascular system, the soluble fibre gel provides an increase in gastrointestinal fluid to help to reduce the effects of dehydration and fatigue.

EquidGel® is high in chlorophyll which helps to support and balance the digestive system.
EquidGel® should be fed as a daily feed in conjunction with the forage ration (hay/haylage or grass) to provide optimum hydration.

EquidGel® is suitable for all types of horses in light to heavy work


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Weight 10 kg


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