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Frequently Asked Questions

Both products are made of completely natural ingredients. Up to 95% fibre consisting of Alfalfa which has been a source of fibre, protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals for horses for many years and either oatmeal (EquidGel®) or oatstraw (LamiGel©) as is the second ingredient. The third is the active ingredient which provides the delivery system using a soluble fibre gel formed when mixed with water. This ingredient has been passed by the European Food Safety Authority as a food ingredient for human consumption.

Current research is underway into the synergistic effects of combining these natural ingredients however testimonial reports suggest that these products have had major beneficial effects with little to no negative reports.

Scientific papers will be submitted in 2015 to support these products.

You can ride almost straight away, as the water within EquidGel® is held within the gel and not free, also the small particle size means that it is free flowing and easily digested and therefore EquidGel® is unlikely to cause an impaction or colic.

Yes, horses should not travel for more than 4 hours without being offered water and food. EquidGel® is designed to allow you to keep your horse well hydrated and nourished throughout the whole trip.

If given before the journey, EquidGel® provides slow release nutrition and hydration to reduce the effects of dehydration and fatigue and due to the high fibre content it also reduces excitable behaviour whilst being transported.

Hunting can be very intense for horses especially if they are not used to it. EquidGel® is formulated with 85% forage for slow release energy for sustained exercise. It contains natural Omega 3 Oil which not only provides energy; it also is beneficial to cardiovascular function and has anti inflammatory properties.

It also contains 10% carbohydrate to replenish lost glycogen stores reducing the recovery period after hunting. However the main benefit of EquidGel® for hunting horses is that it provides natural electrolytes and the increased water within the hindgut helps to prevent dehydration.

The difference between EquidGel® and other traditional feeds is that it is in the form of a drink. EquidGel® mixes with water and provides the horse with an on demand, palatable, nutritious, thirst quenching drink, which carries water through to the hindgut increasing the volume of the gastrointestinal fluid pool.

This provides the horse with more water to be used in times of heat or exertion stress and reduces the detrimental effects of dehydration. EquidGel® is also high in nutritional value using fibre, oil and glucose to allow mixed energy system utilisation.

EquidGel® is 85% forage which is a perfect feed for growing youngsters; it contains a good level of complete amino acids for growth and protein synthesis.

The hydration delivery system also provides a highly palatable, non heating slow release energy source which may help to reduce fluctuations in body weight which has been highlighted as a possible cause of Developmental Orthopaedic Disease in growing foals. It is therefore a follow on feed for foals which creates a healthy hindgut flora and provides plenty of hydration for growth.

The amount of feed depends on the height, weight and workload of your horse.
Each sack has a feed chart which will give approximate daily requirements when idle, in medium or in hard work and it should be consulted when planning your daily ration.

For EquidGel for each 100g requires 1 litre of water to be added, whereas with LamiGel© with each 100g, this requires 2 litres of water. Please see feed guide on the products page for more information.

LamiGel© is a 95% forage and has very little sugar/starch (less than 3%) which would cause changes in blood glucose levels therefore it would be a good source of nutrition, vitamins and minerals and will also provide a good level of hydration to increase saliva production for eating dry hay.

LamiGel© provides a good meal to animals suffering with this type of condition without having to starve them.