EquidGel® is an 85% fibre based, 100% natural equine feed system delivering both hydration and nutrition on demand. High fibre, low sugar and starch with no additives, chemicals NIS or GMO’s.
The high level of Omega-3 oil provides slow release energy, helps to support the cardiovascular system, the soluble fibre gel provides an increase in gastrointestinal fluid to help to reduce the effects of dehydration and fatigue.

EquidGel® is high in chlorophyll which helps to support and balance the digestive system.
EquidGel® should be fed as a daily feed in conjunction with the forage ration (hay/haylage or grass) to provide optimum hydration.

EquidGel® is suitable for all types of horses in light to heavy work.

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EquidGel® is available in 10Kg bags only.   3Kg tubs are only available wholesale.

LamiGel© is a natural 90% fibre based equine feed system delivering hydration and nutrition on demand, however it has been especially formulated with a lower sugar (less than 3%) and protein (less than 12%) content, which is particularly beneficial to horses that are prone to Laminitis.

It is also a natural soothing solution for older horses.

LamiGel© is a feed that is suitable as a daily feed for horses that are on a maintenance diet or in very light work.

EquidChop© is a high fibre, alfalfa complementary feedstuff which can be fed on its own or it can be added to reconstituted EquidGel© and LamiGel© to provide a hydrating ‘Chewy’ feed.


EquidGrass is a 100% Pure Grass high fibre complimentary feedstuff which can be fed on its own or it can be added to either EquidGel® or to LamiGel to improve palatability or to make a ‘Chewy feed’. EquidGrass is also suitable as a forage replacement.


LamiChop© is a high fibre, low energy, low calorie, complementary foodstuff which provides nutritious slow release, non-heating nutrition.

LamiChop is excellent quality, dust extracted 100% Oat Straw, low protein and calcium with a good source of vitamins and minerals, suitable as a bulk feed for most horses and ponies.

Hi-Drate is a new revolutionary hydration system to provide an instant highly palatable drink to relieve the detrimental effects of dehydration. HI-Drate contains only natural ingredients, no GMO’s, chemicals, additives or supplements and when mixed with the correct ratio of water, it produces a natural soluble fibre gel that suspends the particles of fibre and other nutrients within it.

Replenish and hydrate your horse before, during and after travelling and whilst at competitions or whenever you require your horse to take on fluids. Delicious taste, packed full of 100% natural goodness. No need to soak, just add to water, mix and serve.