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Great Product

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your product EquidGel. We have been using it for two of my horses since July, after being recommended by a fellow Endurance rider. One of the horse’s, Reggie, is not exactly an endurance model so his management has been more tricky for us, especially this season when he has been aimed at upgrading to advanced status. He is a middleweight 16.2 gelding 50% Arab but 50% Warmblood so heavier and denser muscled than his pure bred, half-brother. One of the issues we have had with him is drinking during his competitions, as you will appreciate hydration is a major factor in gaining a good result. Once we started using EquidGel, he has gone from strength to strength; aided undoubtedly by the fact that he takes his EquidGel bucket with enthusiasm at every opportunity! We have had improved results, his in competition recoveries have been better, and quicker and his post competition recoveries amazing! In fact, he often has appeared to have no loss of condition or tiredness! The fact that your product maintains his vital hydration means his appetite is good and he maintains his optimum condition so easily! Our season target of upgrading to advanced was fulfilled in style with his final qualification, an 80km (50 mile) GER completed at higher speed and quicker recoveries than any other result throughout the season….he didn’t look in the slightest bit tired! I have been involved in the sport of Endurance riding for almost 30 years and am so pleased that you have developed this product which will help so much with the care and condition of our competition horses! I was cautious about changing their diets to be exclusively EquidGel fed horses but can honestly say that both my boys looks amazing and clearly love their food! and happily also compares very favourably with cost to the feeds I previously used. I’m already looking forward to out 2015 season, when we hope both boys will be tackling some new challenges fuelled by EquidGel!

Thay Stephenson
Endurance Rider